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Case Study

About the club

AC Sparta is a football club established in far 1893 when having their own stadium was only a dream. Looking back at the years of its development, despite difficult times, war, lost players, and lost matches, today AC Sparta is the most successful and most important club in Czech football history. It consists of 20 teams of various ages and performance categories.

No surprise, that in their constant attempt for improvement, AC Sparta decided to address to #1 CRM platform to manage their membership loyalty program. In fact, Sparta is the 1st football club in the Czech Republic, that started to create a membership program for its fans. And that’s how fansfactory started to implement Salesforce CRM together with AC Sparta.


The main target and the challenge were to have a 360-degrees view of the customer with the help of Salesforce CRM. Also, one of the main motivations to implement CRM was compliance with the GDPR regulations. Private data is a sensitive issue which is safely stored in Salesforce CRM.

The company knew that their customers’ database is huge but they wanted to create more personal approach to each customer, finding out:

  • What do they usually purchase  
  • How often
  • Their age
  • Geographical data 
  • What do they like.
  • What do they buy - season or single ticket.
  • When do they come and  through which gate - to know the match busy hours.
  • What number of matches do they visit - to offer season ticket for ex.

Based on the received info Sparta implemented the segmentation process which resulted into a membership loyalty program carefully targeted at each segmented group.

Implementation process and basic functionality:

AC Sparta understands Salesforce as a backbone of a digital interaction with its fans. Data collected from different sources is stored and processed in Salesforce. Implementation process went smoothly and took 2  months. Customer centre, food and beverages the company plans to implement as a 3rd stage in the future. Every interaction of a visitor with the club's website is recorded in Salesforce.

After the fan makes a membership purchase on the website, an invoice is generated in Salesforce and sent to the fan via email. Because Salesforce is not an accounting system in itself, the entire logic of generating the invoice numbers for different memberships and all important information associated with the invoice and important for accounting has been created on the Salesforce platform.

Key benefits:



  • Each customer is assigned with a unique user ID showing within the CRM 360-degree view of his/her  purchasing behavior. This way Sparta knows the preferences of a customer, what content he/she likes, what’s his/her favorite player, what tickets he/she buys, etc. 
  • When the customer makes the purchase of a membership, Salesforce CRM generates the invoice automatically within his/her account. It helps to reduce manual work and avoid mistakes.


  • Due to the accomplished segmentation, each customer is offered unique tailor-made proposals according to his/her purchasing preferences.
  • Thanks to Salesforce CRM service, sales, and marketing teams can quickly and easily collaborate in real-time to stay informed and productive across customer accounts and new projects.


Marek Časta

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

As the digitization and automation progressively grows in all industries, so in AC Sparta Prague we place emphasis on decision-making based on data and its analysis. Without data, we moved only in the field of assumptions, the integration of Salesforce CRM changed this approach significantly. Now we're armed with the right tool that helps to meet the needs of our customers.

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