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Field Service Implementation for Energy, Utilities, Municipalities

Public service, energy, and utility industries have a lot in common nowadays. The budgets are always short, regulations are strict, and expectations are high. There's a lot of attention attracted to public services, and no one cares about the depths of the bureaucratic hell one needs to get through to perform a task. 

Despite the rapid development of new technologies and services, municipalities seem to have immunity against progress, stubbornly resisting the truth of today: most tasks can be automated. There are countless possibilities to boost efficiency, eliminate paperwork, speed up job completion, and improve customer satisfaction with modern FSM software.

Field Service Management solutions are made to connect the mobile workforce and the office, allow both sides to see one complete picture that's updated in real-time and allows each participant to add a necessary stroke or two. Salesforce Field Service is the tool perfectly suited for challenges of the local government and public services industry. 

Field Service is a cloud-based field management solution that can be called an industry-standard by now. It allows you to conveniently manage highly distributed teams of field workers, oversee the performance of contractors, track the supply shipments, and comply with state regulations, all within one application! And if you want to integrate this tool into your business processes - you'll need a reliable Field Service management company.

Field Service experts from Fansfactory are ready to apply their expertise

Fansfactory is a Field Service consulting company for the Municipalities, Energy, and Utility industries. We are a certified partner of Salesforce CRM, which means that we're the best in what we do, and we're only getting better! Except Czech Republic, we provide a full-cycle solution for the companies from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium.

There's a wide choice of services you can get from Fansfactory, all parts of our full-cycle Field Service Integration for municipalities and public services. We will customize your Field Service suite to the exact need of your business, taking into account everything, from the number of employees to their particular skill sets. From the locations of your depots to weather conditions in your area during each season. From models and mileage of vehicles that your field specialists drive to their equipment's wear and tear parameters.

We will collect every bit of data crucial for successful integration, process it, present you with a ready solution, and ensure your employees know how to use it. And we're available for post-integration maintenance and support too!

Field Service's advantages for the Energy, Utilities, and Municipalities industries

The primary concern of most decision-makers, when it's time to streamline their business processes, is that the modern field management software is just the new way of doing the same job, without any real benefits. The whole staff knows how to do things the old way, and they seem to be doing well enough to cope with their tasks, so what is that important to subject them all to a long and challenging process of change and learning? Let's try to figure this out.

  1. There is no such thing as long and challenging learning with Field Service. The system is used by millions of people already, which allows having the most user-friendly interface. And we'll customize it most suitably for your business and your goals!
  2. One app for everything is not only convenient, but it also saves tons of time! No need for complex password-managing tools, which are, in turn, protected by passwords. No need for constant loading and logging in from one site or app to another during the day. There is no dread of browser cache and cookies wipe because one can't possibly remember where they were logged in and what they were doing. One app, one password, and everything's in there.
  3. Compatibility with all iOS and Android smartphones allows you to track your mobile workforce in real-time. You'll know exactly where they're going to, what job they're on, and what's the current stage of the process. You can schedule jobs based on your teams' current positions. But it doesn't only benefit the management, because the workers will have their advantages too!
  4. Online and offline modes eliminate concerns about cell coverage. If the job's somewhere out of service - you can download the whole day's jobs and information on them and proceed offline until you're back inside the signal coverage area.
  5. Help workers comply with government regulations by embedding the corresponding documents for each sort of job into the work order.
  6. Build guidelines for each type of job, including the consumables needed, the preferred tools, and their specifications. Make sure that if the job's complexity exceeds the team's experience, they won't spend valuable time trying to figure it out or google their way out of it.
  7. Work-related calculations and measurements can be done inside the mobile application and tuned for each particular field of work.
  8. Capture any data from your device and attach it to the form to have the full picture. One can capture the photo, video, or audio data - anything that might help the employee on-site or the team that comes afterward. 
  9. No paperwork for the mobile workforce. Field Service makes the paper documents obsolete simply because your employees won't need them anymore! All the information on each home visit or outside job is right in their smartphones, readily accessible. All the approval goes there, too, in a few clicks through the command chain you build with our help. 
  10. Autosuggestion helps you handle the recurring reports and lets you have more time for actual work.
  11. Full integration is possible with most other systems. It means that you'll be able to become part of your contractors' system to see the status of your orders and file new quotes without leaving your CRM.
  12. Scheduling and managing cyclical tasks become easier since the system analyzes and learns to predict a possible rise in repair or maintenance cases and suggests the change in the schedule based on the previously collected data. 
  13. Role-based access helps to build a solid structure, where every department has its set of permissions. 
  14. The complete analytics on the state of your fleet and other equipment allows the system to schedule predictive maintenance. The same goes for the equipment that was installed by your teams.
  15. Comprehensive reports allow you to analyze your workers' performance and recognize trends in supply consumption and repair calls. With that data, you can make a better schedule and optimize the procurement plans.

Why Fansfactory?

Field Service Solutions for the Energy, Utilities, and Municipalities industries helps your field specialists work smarter and not harder. Fansfactory allows you to take everything that this tool can give and then come back for more when the new release comes up. 

We are a young, strong team with an ambition for growth, and we firmly believe that growth comes from the complete satisfaction of our clients. Every case helps us learn something new, and we use this expertise to become the best.