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Fansfactory is a team of dedicated and ambitious Salesforce experts from Prague, Czechia, and our goal is to deliver the best CRM integration experience to our clients. The company’s focus is the integration of various Salesforce products, their continued support, and maintenance. 

What Salesforce has to offer?

Salesforce is a multi-billion dollar company, and its apps cover the needs of dozens of industries. Salesforce solutions are mainly used to boost sales, customer support, field services, and IT departments and connect them into one seamless structure. Fansfactory offers the integration of three of the most popular Salesforce services: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service for the companies from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is an ultimate efficiency booster for your sales team. It allows keeping quotes, leads, and deals in one place and manage accounts without leaving the designated infrastructure. There are multiple ways in which Sales Cloud will save you time and money while your profits increase:


  • Sales Cloud requires no server infrastructure, as well as no downloads and updates. The solution is entirely cloud-based, meaning that your employees will only need their login and password to start working from any device.
  • Full mobile compatibility allows your salespeople to work from anywhere if needed. The app is optimized for iOS and Android-based smartphones. No one’s late anymore, nor does anyone need to stay late at work because they can do everything they need while being home or on the road.
  • Automating recurrent tasks means your salespeople will spend time selling instead of doing reports or moving tasks around.
  • All marketing efforts are gathered under one roof, so you can monitor them, eliminate redundancies, and optimize your budgets with more precision.
  • Machine learning and AI provide thorough analytics and predictions, allowing you to adjust the schedules and make tailored offers to your clients.


These and many other advantages are available for you through Fansfactory - the certified team of Sales Cloud integration experts from Prague.

Salesforce Service Cloud

More than ten years ago, Service Cloud revolutionized the approach to customer support software. Since then, it has remained on top as an industry-standard solution for every company with a significant support representative staff. 


When we perform Service Cloud integration and consulting in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic and even abroad, we gather the clients’ feedback on the product. Except for the overall increase in productivity, they point out these four advantages:


  • Everything that happens in Service Cloud stays in Service Cloud. Every interaction with the client is documented and readily available for analysis, meaning that you will have immense possibilities to use this data to develop a tailored marketing strategy.
  • Team collaboration is not an extra credit anymore. Your support representatives won’t have to go out of their way to solve a complex problem because it’s possible to do it within the Service Cloud infrastructure. 
  • Unite all the communication channels in one to minimize the time loss. Emails, messengers, social networks, and chats - there’s a ready-made integration for everything so that your customer support operators won’t have to juggle apps to do their job.
  • Self-service is better than no service. It doesn’t mean that understaffing problems are entirely in the past. Yet, some customers will be able to help themselves without building up their frustration while waiting for a support representative to help them during busy hours.

Salesforce Field Service

Field Service is the add-on to Service cloud and the newest addition to Salesforce’s family of apps. The advantages of a seamlessly integrated solution over various disjointed applications and spreadsheets can’t be overestimated, and any Field Service management company can tell you that. Here’s how it’s possible:

  • Field Service makes your operation completely paperless, eliminating the need for paper documents and saving you the time and money you spend filling them.
  • The office is always on the same page with the mobile workforce. Each team’s position and progress is seen in real-time, which brings the definition of the “complete picture” to whole another level.
  • Scheduled maintenance becomes easy with Field Service because you can automate it! When you enter a maintenance or repair job into the system - it schedules the next one based on the parameters set by you and based on the analytical data.
  • Self-service and assisted service improves customer satisfaction. Most of the time, your clients don’t need actual help - they need the expertise of your specialists. 
  • Complete analytical data on each employee, combined with the transparent key performance indicators (KPI), makes it easier to evaluate each employee’s performance and use it to your advantage. 

Сertified Salesforce integration services in Prague

Salesforce products deliver efficiency and ease of use on all levels and provide basic packages with pre-set functionality that covers the basic needs of the customer base. The only problem is that Salesforce products are used by various businesses from dozens of different industries. There’s no way to create a solution for each of them, and that’s why you need Fansfactory - a Salesforce integration company from Prague. 


Each project we work on comes through five phases on its way to streamlined business processes via seamless integration of Salesforce CRM:


  1. Planning and setting goals. We sit down with the management and determine the goals that need to be achieved via the implementation of Salesforce CRM. 
  2. Gathering feedback from the employees. Despite any amount of management and daily meetings, some issues remain overlooked, and you won’t know anything about them until you ask directly.
  3. Integration process. The integration itself takes place as soon as the goals are set and the structure is defined. The implementation of software includes gathering and transferring data from the apps and/or spreadsheets used before.
  4. Teaching sessions with the teams. When the first stages of integration are finished, we start teaching your employees everything about their new system. 
  5. Post-integration support and maintenance. Unlike many other Salesforce integration services in Prague, we provide continued support to all our clients as part of the basic agreement. We track all the updates and new features, notify you of them, and help implement those that promise further advantages.

Why Fansfactory?

On our way to customer satisfaction, we reach many other crucial milestones, ensuring that our customers stay with us and advertise our services to their partners.


  1. Our services are fully transparent to the customer. Every process on every stage is accessible for your monitoring and suggestions, which is how we ensure that you get what you paid for, and more.
  2. Your goals become ours. During the integration process, we become one with your business, trying to figure out the ways to customize your Salesforce product of choice in a way that best suits your business.
  3. Teamwork on all levels allows us to deliver unmatched quality of services. We know that every voice matters, especially when we’re trying to streamline the business processes. Every team member might have valuable insights into the operations, and we’re keen on learning them all and letting them manifest into a neat and polished instrument - your CRM.
  4. We provide flexible solutions. The customizable integration from Fansfactory will help your business run smoothly and make it ready for future challenges, be it growth, modernization, or any other improvement. 
  5. Long-term partnership is our trademark. When the integration is finished, our experts will be there for you and use their experience to point out the updates and new features that might improve your business processes even more.