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Field Service Implementation ​​​​​​​for Home Services

The home services industry covers dozens of different needs, and due to the comparatively low costs of starting a business, it is vastly populated by small companies. Family-owned and operated, locally managed, these firms are made to be small. And they stay small, usually supporting one household and covering the area of a small city unless they’re doing their job too well. 

When the time comes for scaling, the simple structure of a family business cannot support the growing number of employees, and the owners look for an all-in-one solution to save the day. And Salesforce Field Service for Home Services is just the tool for the job! It helps cover the exact challenges that emerge during scaling when a business can no longer operate with a small team of friends and relatives. 

Smart work order scheduling, easy dispatching, stock information, vehicle wear and tear, scheduled maintenance, availability of goods in stock - all this and many more features are waiting for you in a Field Service suite. The question is - how to make it work for a small business?

It all becomes easy with the help of the Field Service consulting company for Home Services, which will present you with a ready solution. Fansfactory, a certified partner of Salesforce CRM from Prague, is prepared to take on a challenge and help you streamline your business processes!

Why would one need a Field Service management company?

Like any other modern multi-purpose solution, Field Service has two sides to it. It is easy to use once it’s all set up, and it provides a pretty stable and useful default version that will improve your business processes a lot. On the other hand, it has an astounding assortment of additional features that can bring you more profits if you implement them correctly. The only question is: do you have the time to do it on your own?


Field Service experts from Fansfactory are certified professionals whose full-time job is to explore the possibilities of Salesforce products for an array of businesses from different industries. They have the valuable experience and will use it with your company to suggest the best customization options they’ve seen working before.


If you decide to go for Field Service Integration for Home Services from Fansfactory - we’ll get it done in four simple stages.


  1. We’ll start with brainstorming to figure out your exact needs and plans. Tripling the number of teams in the field, halving the number of dispatchers, reducing fuel expenditures, and expanding to cover another area - all these goals and many others can be achieved with Field Service and require customization. If we define them right from the start - the system will help you achieve them.
  2. Then comes the choice of solutions. There are many ways to achieve each goal, and Fansfactory’s specialists will advise you on the one that suits your needs and is in line with every peculiarity of your business model.
  3. When everything is clear, the implementation process begins, and in parallel - we train your staff to use Field Service and teach them every aspect they need to perform their roles.
  4. The last stage starts when the main work is done and lasts until our services are still needed. Fansfactory offers continued maintenance and consulting services for you to cope with emerging challenges and make use of new features.

Which Home Services industry businesses can take the most from Field Services?

Salesforce Field Services’ main advantage is its flawless mobile workforce management, and there is a multitude of areas where it can be employed: 


  • Air conditioning installation and maintenance;
  • Electrics and cabling;
  • Plumbing;
  • CCTV and satellite TV installation and maintenance;
  • Landscaping;
  • Pest control;
  • Cleaning;
  • Moving and delivery;


We can continue with the list, but you've already got the idea. These businesses have one thing in common: that they depend on their field service. And need it to be seamlessly integrated into the other processes.

Benefits of Field Service for the Home Services industry

Most small businesses nowadays find themselves in a situation where they use several disparate applications for work and lose a tremendous number of people-hours to merge the data they get from them. 

Some of these tools are used because they’re free, some - because your employees are familiar with them. Everyone understands that it would’ve been great to have a single program for all the processes, but the task seems unbearable, and the system already works, so why change it? We’ll give you several reasons.

  1. Field Service is a cloud-based solution. It requires no downloads or installations - log in, and you’re ready to go. It’s always up to date, and you don’t need to install the latest patch and won’t experience version-related issues.
  2. Completely paperless processes. You won’t need heaps of paper to account for everything because all the data will be in the cloud, ready to access and use. Files in the cloud don’t get lost or duplicated. Employees don’t need to form a line near the printer to submit their information. The work won’t be delayed if your printer runs out of ink or experiences a particularly nasty paper jam.
  3. A user-friendly customizable interface improves efficiency and reduces the training time for new employees. 
  4. Field Service app for iOS and Android make your field agents’ work way easier. They can have all the data on their customer right in their phones, along with the specs on materials required for the job, their prices, the history of previous jobs with the customer, etc. You can even have a custom learning material base to help novice workers through the cases they haven’t encountered before.
  5. Remote assistance and self-service solutions allow you to save your specialists’ hours and reduce fuel expenditures by letting the customers help themselves. All those cases where the issue is minor and will likely take five minutes to deal with, yet the customer doesn’t know what happened. They will eagerly help themselves while being assisted by a professional on a video call and won’t need to mess up their schedule waiting for a service team. 
  6. You can have complete information on every job done, every liter of fuel burnt, and every nail battered into the wall. Analyze your employees’ performance, the quality of supplies, and the reliability of products, all in one system! 

Each of these alone can boost your profits, and if your business transitions from a set of disjointed apps to a modern Field Service management software - you’re going to have all of these advantages!

Fansfactory is ready to take on your challenges

The only question that you might still have is - why Fansfactory? As a certified provider of Field Service Solutions for Home Services, we value our clients’ satisfaction above all else. Except Czech Republic, we provide a full-cycle solution for the companies from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium, and we will be there for you after the job is done to help with anything you might need. We are a diverse team of young and ambitious specialists, who strive for perfection, and in this case, perfection for us is your business achieving its goals with our help.