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Salesforce gets easier with Fansfactory

Salesforce is the world’s #1 cloud-based CRM system, and it has countless features designed to help you know your existing and future customers better. Salesforce provides different solutions for all industries via a multitude of seamlessly connected applications. It allows you to unite your sales, service, marketing, production, and IT in one mechanism that runs like a swiss clock. 


Salesforce infrastructure has three primary advantages which have proven themselves to be important for any modern business.

  • You don’t need any hardware or servers. All the data, including backups, is stored in Salesforce Cloud.
  • No downloads and installations are required to access your Salesforce infrastructure. Just log in and you’re ready to work!
  • Salesforce platform allows users to develop applications and run them within their infrastructure, to have an all-in-one business solution.


Being up to date with all the developments of such a complex tool might be pretty challenging. Ensuring that a particular business takes everything that Salesforce has to offer is even more difficult. And that’s where Salesforce consulting company comes in!

Fansfactory is certified to implement Salesforce for you

Fansfactory is an official Salesforce management consulting firm in the Czech Republic offering its profound expertise for the companies from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium. We’ve mastered every aspect of Salesforce’s many features and are ready to help you implement them. In addition, we provide our clients with tailor-made ready-to-go solutions for their businesses, including fine-tuned customization, and continued support.

Fansfactory’s Salesforce experts deal with dozens of businesses daily. Each goal that a client’s business reaches with our help becomes part of Fansfactory’s ever-growing expertise. If you’re planning to bring your business to Fansfactory, all that experience will open new possibilities for client interactions, gathering, and analyzing the information. We know how to make Salesforce more effective for your business, and we will!

Explore Salesforce products with Fansfactory

At the time, Fansfactory, as a Salesforce consulting partner, offers you three major Salesforce products, ready to be implemented and precisely adjusted to fit your needs.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the first and the most popular product of Salesforce, and it is a CRM for salespeople, allowing them to maximize the conversion rate and make money for you. While profits are the primary goal, Sales cloud achieves it through multiple channels:


  • Contact management solutions allow your salespeople to deliver a tailored experience to your clientele. A salesperson will see all the necessary info about the client, including their key contacts, history of communication, social data, and many more. 
  • Opportunity management by Sales Cloud provides the data on customer’s activities and highlights the stages when the interaction is needed to close the deal. Quick tracking of products involved with the deal, quoting with up-to-date info of the customer, supply and delivery schedules - all at your fingertips and ready to be used!
  • Sales forecasting. An advanced Einstein AI gathers vast amounts of data every day to suggest the most profitable ways to build or adjust a pipeline.
  • Process automation saves you person-hours, thus giving your employees more time to work on more important tasks. With Sales Cloud, you can build workflows for salespeople with suggestions and tips, automate mail outs for customers, and alert your employees when they need to step in and interact with the customer.


Salesforce is on board with the latest changes in the economy, and its mobile CRM gets better every day! It doesn’t matter where your employees are - they can access, manage, and update the CRM data even from their iOS or Android smartphones!

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a CRM for your customer service and support departments. It helps your clients get in touch with your support representatives via email, phone, or live chat, and when the conversation starts - it allows the agent to collect all the necessary information. Service Cloud offers such advantages as:


  • Intuitive workspace interface;
  • The flexible automation system allows to save person-hours on repetitive tasks;
  • Multichannel routing helps to identify the caller’s issue and redirect them to the corresponding agent or department;
  • The case management system increases your agents’ efficiency by allowing them to work on multiple cases through different channels at the same time;
  • The knowledge management system allows agents not only to access the database but also to improve it and make their additions;
  • Performance analysis. You can access any information on your support service system’s performance: reports on support cases, chatbot performance, and every agent’s productivity.


Salesforce Field Service

Field service is a revolutionary system that allows you to coordinate your field agents like never before, and at the same time, it makes their work easier. Everything that a field agent has to remember is now in one app on their phone! The advantages are obvious:


  • Remote support. Not every issue demands a field agent’s visit, and you will see that clearly with phone and videocall appointments available through Field Service.
  • Intelligent prioritization. Let your dispatchers orchestrate your field force’s work by giving them complete information on all calls, jobs, and field agents. Assign jobs to fitting people based on their location or skills, and have them done faster.
  • Einstein AI asset recognition. Use Salesforce’s powerful AI to ensure that your agents won’t mistake one asset for another one. The field agent’s app allows them to upload an image of the broken or fixed part, and the AI will recognize it and provide a confirmation.
  • Full Mobility. Your agents don’t need to be online to learn and perform. They will have all the data they need, attached to their service request.


Industries we serve

Fansfactory’s scope of expertise covers many industries, including, but not limited to the following ones:

We have plenty of experience with the aforementioned sectors and will use it if you bring your business to us.

Clients who already enjoy our Salesforce integration consulting services

All clients of our Salesforce management company report an increase in effectiveness, average task completion speeds, and a lower amount of useless paperwork. And except for that, unique possibilities were discovered and implemented for every business we work with.



Vekra is the leading windows and doors manufacturer in the Czech Republic. The main goal was to implement Salesforce Field Service to coordinate the installation teams better, decrease their time on the road, and improve customer satisfaction. And here are the results:


Automatic service appointments with a job’s estimate duration calculated allowed to give the jobs to accordingly-skilled technicians;

All documentation migrated to field agents’ iPads; no need to print out multiple sheets before every visit and carry them around;

All data is gathered in one place and accessible with a few clicks;

40% fewer dispatchers now easily coordinate the increased number of installation workers.

AC Sparta

The #1 football club in the Czech Republic is bound to use the world’s #1 CRM, and it now does, with the help of Fansfactory! The task was to use Salesforce CRM’s advantages to collect and analyze the club’s fans’ preferences, interests, purchasing habits, and schedules while having this information strictly categorized and structured. The latter part is due to the recent GDPR, binding the club to provide any customer with all the data available on them and remove it from the database on demand.


As a result, Salesforce helped Sparta create a complex database that collects and stores every aspect of their client’s communication with the club. It means that sales and marketing teams can direct their efforts to the most promising customers, and all fans receive only the offers tailored to their needs.

The Saint-Gobain Group

Our most prominent case in manufacturing, the Saint-Gobain Group, specializes in producing high-performance building materials. The goal was to increase time efficiency by developing a comprehensive calculation and discount system that is easy to adjust and use. 

The results surpassed the expectations. The complex calculation system is now working, and it doesn’t require an IT specialist to make adjustments to it because Salesforce’s intuitive interface backs it up. Salespeople can make all calculations and provide an up-to-date discount without delays. Furthermore, the quote approval system was implemented to ensure that each deal is supervised and confirmed by a manager of the corresponding department.