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Real breakthrough

Tomorrow begins now. Your interactions with customers are becoming even more easy.  Thanks to a hyperscale data engine Einstein 1 Data Cloud inside Salesforce that connects all your data. 


Sales Cloud with new

Einstein GPT features

Reinvented Forecasting & Pipeline Inspection

✔ Fresh, modern interface

✔ Integrated pipeline inspection

✔ Manager deal judgment

✔ Flexible forecasting, forecasting charts ✔ Forecast across orgs with Data Cloud

Revenue Intelligence - commit with confidence

✔ Real-time scenario planning

✔ Identify gaps in forecasts

✔ Investigate opportunities that can fill  the gaps

✔ Test assumptions regarding conversions

✔ Remove the reliance on spreadsheets!


Visibility with

Activity 360

✔ Get rid of manual data input

✔ Combine activity and deal data

✔ Provide leaders with complete visibility

✔ Identify which deals require assistance

✔ Expedite the closure of deals!

Feel the power with Sales Engagement

✔ Put an end to switching between tabs

✔ Effortlessly access and edit records

✔ Expedite prospect research

✔ Initiate calls and document conversations

✔ Close deaks faster with automation.

Value for Salespeople with AI features

✔ Eliminate manual entry of call notes

✔ Support sales representatives in prospect research

✔  Automatically generate call summaries

✔  Emphasize key conversation topics

✔  Enable scaled coaching


Unlock Sales Productivity with Slack Sales Elevate

✔ Centralize team selling

✔ Enhance transparency through live CRM data

✔ Drive efficiency on a large scale

✔ Easily update Salesforce

✔ Get immediate access to accounts from anywhere

New features of Einstein GPT

for Marketing Cloud


Unlock efficiency with AI-powered campaigns


✔ Einstein for Data Cloud

Use AI-driven conversational prompts for quickly constructing  segments using reliable customer data.


✔ Einstein for Engagement

Create personalized content more efficiently by producing email subject lines and body text that are related to the recipient.


✔ Einstein for Account Engagement

Leverage generative AI to customize email, landing pages, and more


✔ Typeface Integration


Efficiently generate on-brand images in large quantities using generative AI to boost personalized engagement.

Fuel creativity with data-driven answers

✔ Segment Intelligence

Connect customer data, performance data, and revenue data into one complete view, so you can prove and improve your segment activation performance.


✔ Waterfall Segmentation

Prioritize segment membership across campaigns, so you can reach out with relevant messaging and avoid oversaturating your customers.

Personalize at Scale


✔ Referral Marketing

 Reward brand advocates and new customers with conversion encouragements – directly in the Salesforce platform.


✔ Real-Time Customer Event Stream

Equip sales and service teams with real-time marketing Personalization data to expedite service issue resolution and enhance the effectiveness of sales discussions.


✔ Package Manager for Industries

Increase efficiency by using top-notch pre-designed custom journeys, content, and resources, saving you time.

Einstein Service Cloud

Einstein Pilot


Benefits for Customers:

Introducing the next generation of Bots – reliable, self-sufficient AI that sets a new standard for self-service.


Benefits for Employees:

Incorporate AI seamlessly into your workflow to access immediate, AI-generated support for finding solutions and troubleshooting while you're on the job.



AI That Searches Answers


Provides responses to your customers' inquiries, sourced from your reliable knowledge base, and displays them directly on your search page.

Service Intelligence


Open up your service data to gain insights, enhance operational performance metrics, increase agent productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction (CSAT) with the help of Einstein conversation analysis, insights, and AI-driven recommendations integrated into your daily workflow.

Field Service

Scheduling & Rescheduling Skills


Prevent cases and minimize no-show  appointments using Bots equipped with Appointment Assistant capabilities.

Revenue Generation


Provide field workers with the tools and capabilities to upsell, cross-sell, and close deals through quoting and invoicing directly within the mobile app for field service. Includes:


  • Mobile Work Briefings
  • Onsite Search
  • Payment Automation
  • AI Work Summarization



Predictive Asset Management with Data Cloud


Increase the longevity of assets and customer satisfaction by proactively scheduling maintenance and ordering necessary components according to set thresholds, entitlements, and previous purchase records.

Field Service Intelligence


Rescue field service companies from wasting hours, covering countless miles, and spending substantial sums of money, all while maintaining optimal efficiency and sustainability without compromising the customer experience, thanks to readily available metrics and AI-driven insights.

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