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What is Sales Cloud

There’s no company that wouldn’t want to sell more. Agree?

And the more automated your sales process is the more revenue you get. How? With the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud tool, of course.  Sales Cloud is a customer management CRM that helps your salespeople to sell smarter and faster by prioritizing tasks, manage customer relationships, find more leads and close more deals.

Please follow the link to watch the demo how Sales Cloud works:

Key benefits:

  • You can sell from anywhere you want
  • Gain more leads and convert them to your customers
  • Spend less time on business administration process focusing on your customers’ needs
  • Improve planning and forecasting in real time view  from any device
  • Accelerate productivity

Unlike Service Cloud that helps companies to improve their customer service, Sales Cloud is designed as a selling tool enabling salespeople to easily manage the company's accounts, quotes, leads and deals in one place.

Thanks to detailed knowledge of individual's needs in the customer journey, marketing measures can be used more effectively, which consequently leads to faster sales and thus to a shortening of the sales cycle.

Sales Cloud application is truly handy when you're on the go.  The information can be taken from the system regardless of location or devise. Mobile application can automatically enhance the accounts with additional information from social media.

The general argument in favour of Sales Cloud implementation is that it requires small initial investments. A local infrastructure with servers and hardware is not absolutely necessary. The price and set of functions differ depending on business needs.  

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