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Field Service Implementation for the Solar Energy

The alternative energy industry is as modern as enterprises get, and it gets further every day in terms of hi-end technology usage and new idea generation. And yet, there still are solar and wind energy companies scheduling their field service with unmanageable spreadsheets and even whiteboards. 

Whiteboard might be an exaggeration, yet the most common picture is that every department uses its own set of disjointed apps to do its job and then communicates the essential data through emails or messengers. The emails get lost, or someone forgets to copy their content into the corresponding folder - and you have a problem. And you’re lucky if you have it now because if the error surfaces in a month or two - you won’t make head or tail of it. Suppose your system became too cumbersome to cope with the growing demand. In that case, you probably need a modern solution that unifies all your scheduling, dispatching, accounting, and inventory usage in one user-friendly app.  

It’s called Salesforce Field Service, and it’s an industry-standard solution to all your mobile workforce challenges. It provides you with flawless experience and is now used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. And like any other solution of such a scale - it needs dedicated specialists to integrate it into your business and put you on track. That’s where a Field Service management company comes in!

Fansfactory is an official partner of Salesforce CRM, and we provide Field Service Integration for the Solar Energy industry all over the Czech Republic and abroad. Namely we provide field service solutions for the companies from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium. Our selling point is quite simple: we know everything there is to know about Salesforce Field Service, and we will help you utilize all its advantages.

What is Salesforce Field Service

Field Service is the ultimate tool designed to help you manage your mobile workforce and unite it with other departments. The outdated “every man for himself” system, where crucial data is being shared between teams on daily or even weekly meetings, has proven its inefficiency. 

Now, if you want your teams to perform on the next level, you want your field service workers to have all the information they might need during the job. It includes but isn’t limited to the history of the client’s relations with the company, what equipment they have, who performed its last maintenance, etc. And the other teams have to know what’s going on in the field too!

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of Field Service as a mobile workforce management tool:

  • Smart scheduling through a complete overview of your mobile workforce’s activity. If someone’s running late - you know that you have to reschedule the next job. If a visit took less than it should’ve - you know you have a window and might use it.
  • Right people for the right jobs - you will see each team with all its members’ profiles and will be able to assign the most qualified specialists for the most challenging jobs.
  • Quick approval chain that gets the annoying delays out of the way and at the same time lets you track any project or a particular job from the field agent who worked on it right up to the manager who is overseeing it and approving the additional expenditures.
  • A fully cloud-based solution means that your employees won’t have to download anything on their computers. They need a stable Internet connection, and that’s it! Cloud also solves all the issues with software versions that are inevitable for downloadable products. Updates are available for customers right when they’re deployed, and the mistakes made due to using an outdated version are in the past!
  • Smartphone apps for your mobile workforce specialists are available for iOS and Android devices.

Field Service consulting company for the Solar Energy industry

Salesforce Field Service might look like a miracle tool, and it is, but one has to use it properly. Like many other complex tools nowadays, it is developed by hundreds of programmers and is evolving right now while you read this article. To keep in mind all the options and advantages, one has to have Field Service as their full-time job, and we, at Fansfactory, actually have it that way!

Fansfactory offers you Field Service Solutions for the Solar Energy industry in one complete package, including: 

  • Planning. We will help you develop a vision of what you can achieve with Field Service.
  • Initial Integration. Fansfactory’s Field Service experts will set up and customize your suite according to your needs and will work on every suggestion and additional idea.
  • Data transfer. All the information you currently have will be meticulously transferred into Salesforce Cloud, and we will make sure that nothing gets lost.
  • Personnel training. When the initial system is customized, we will coordinate the training sessions with your employees and explain to them every aspect of Field Service that's crucial for their jobs.
  • Prolonged maintenance and support. We value our clients, that's why we strive to deliver the best customer experience to each of them. That’s why we are available for maintenance, troubleshooting, and counseling on new features even after the integration is finished!

5 Advantages of Field Service for the Solar Energy industry

Except for the apparent perks Field Service has for any company with a large mobile workforce, it has more advantages targeting the renewable energy industry in general and the solar energy businesses in particular.


  1. Next-generation reporting, monitoring, and access to a real-time information feed. Solar panels are complex and expensive devices, and scheduled maintenance is crucial to eliminate the possibility of failures and provide uninterrupted energy flow.
  2. Data transfer from the projects right into the Field Service app lets you know what’s going on and solve any issue before it gathers momentum.
  3. Smart appointment scheduling for private clients. When you’re visiting a personal residence, your mobile workforce agents must efficiently use the client’s time without inconveniencing them.
  4. Do your research by tracking the reliability and durability of the systems and components you use to provide the best products for your customers.
  5. Remote assistance. An inexperienced person might quickly fix some problems under the guidance of a professional. It saves you time and shows the client that you are flexible in your approach.


Fansfactory wants you to succeed

When Fansfactory implements Field Service solutions for Solar Energy businesses, we become one with your team. Our work is not just to integrate Field Service into your business processes. It’s to see you achieve your goals with our help. On the starting stages of the cooperation, we will discuss your company's short- and long-term goals and make sure that the solution you’re getting is efficient, flexible, and ready to support your business in the further stages of your success plan.