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Service Cloud

What is Salesforce Service Cloud

In 2009, Salesforce launched a customer service platform that uses automation features to resolve customer service issues. The name of this platform is Service Cloud. Within a year, the product’s value increased by 20%, and the customer audience grew to 72 000 users worldwide. Since then, this Salesforce service cloud management platform has reshaped the way companies viewed and addressed customer service.


Service Cloud is a client relationship management solution that is supported by Salesforce. This online solution stands for a  customer service platform that attends to all customer concerns. Salesforce invented this solution to handle customer service CRM for companies at all levels of user engagement. 


At its core, Service Cloud’s design focuses on improving the customer support services and help desk solutions offered by a company as a single solution. The Salesforce Service Cloud platform also allows businesses to monitor consumer activities and provide top-notch assistance at any time of the day.


The key features of Service Cloud include a console, user portals, and comprehensive dashboards. At the same time, the service also provides real-time analytics and statistics on user satisfaction in real-time while offering top-notch knowledge base. . Service Cloud also provides customer service agents the necessary problem-solving tools to resolve issues and provide customized assistance in record time.


Moreover, the features and plug-ins available on Service Cloud make the tool an essential addition to the company’s operations. You can provide high-level solutions with these extra functionalities and harness the full power of this customer service CRM to create the ultimate pleasurable experience for your users.


Please follow the link to see the demo how Service Cloud works:

Salesforce Service Cloud main advantages:

The Service Cloud is one of Salesforce’s most essential solutions because it focuses on solving consumer troubles. And judging from the Salesforce service cloud pricing, companies get their money’s worth when they implement this cloud solution. So, here are the Salesforce Service Cloud benefits:

Access to customer data

Salesforce’s biggest attraction is the ability of the company’s services to collect and aggregate data for further processing. And Service Cloud does not disappoint on this front. When a company uses this tool to interact with customers, it collects massive amounts of user data for processing. This data will eventually help you strategize on marketing.

Business planning


The Salesforce service management tool helps you plan your business strategies better. By gathering information from the users, you can recalibrate your business objectives to match the market trends and user interests. 

Team collaboration


The centralized structure of the platform enables collaboration between teams. Customer service staff members can easily collaborate on very tough questions to provide the best possible solution to the client. The team leaders can also monitor the efficiency of the assignees working on tasks on the dashboard.

Ease of access


Salesforce is a pioneer in developing cloud services. As a result, companies rely on their services to take their strategies to the next level. You can access the Service Cloud from any location on the globe once you have the permission and license. The mobile application also helps the business stay on track without interrupting communication with the customers.

Time management


Since Salesforce Service Cloud provides a centralized database with unlimited access, this ensures the seamless running of customer service operations. As a result, Salesforce Service Cloud solution serves as an excellent time management tool.

Multiple communication channels


The platform gives the users access to multiple communication channels at once. You can reach out to the company or client through your preferred communication channel: SMS, email, phone calls, social media, chat, whatsapp, customer portal, IoT. The ‘Chatter’ feature also helps team members to stay in contact with one another about work-related information.

Self-service portals


The self-service portal always comes in handy for clients who don’t have time to wait in queues for a customer service agent to attend to them. You can visit the portal and obtain answers to every question you have.

At Fansfactory we offer Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, integration and customization services to provide your customers with the best customer service ever.

With the help of Salesforce Service Cloud services, you will resolve customers' cases faster using the set of tools that provide the data about all your customer's interactions. Equip your customer service agents with Service Cloud customer service CRM and see how fast and smooth the process will run. Eventually, you will experience an increase in customer satisfaction and overall productivity.

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