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About the company

About the company

About the company

MYQ is a developer of print solutions that provides safe and user-friendly tools through two product lines. The first product line, MyQ X, offers feature-rich and robust software in three editions: Smart, Enterprise, and Ultimate. The second product line, MyQ Roger, is a public cloud-based Smart Digital Workplace Assistant designed to meet the needs of hybrid and remote workplaces.

Business need

A few years ago, MyQ adopted Salesforce by purchasing the Sales Cloud and implementing it using their own internal resources. They implemented the system with the out-of-the-box functionalities, and without any lightning customization, their in-house administrator was able to configure all the settings by themselves. However, after some time, MyQ realized that their specific requirements for the Community settings were too complex to be achieved through click-no-code functionality. Therefore, they decided to engage a Salesforce consulting company and developer to handle this scaling work.

Community Cloud functionality and its implementation

Salesforce Community Cloud's functionality lies in granting your business partners access to data in Salesforce, based on your permissions. The main goal is to provide these partners with information about their projects, related orders, assigned customers, and the ability to create their own orders. This aims to reduce the repetitive tasks carried out by the internal sales and logistics departments and allow the partners and customers to handle many processes on their own. Previously, orders from partners were processed manually, from the receipt of the order to the issuance of the license. Additionally, partners had limited visibility into their customers' projects.

For MyQ's specific purposes, we have built an e-commerce platform from scratch. When customers visit the MyQ website, they are transferred to the Community Cloud, but it is designed in a way that they don't realize they've been redirected to Salesforce. The Salesforce Community has technical capabilities to allow for customer branding, providing a seamless experience.

With this implementation, MyQ has significantly reduced repetitive work for the sales and logistics departments. Customers can now complete all the processes that were previously done by salespeople, such as creating a project for which the dealer wants to purchase licenses or adding a license to the cart. The approval process has also been improved: if a dealer is purchasing licenses, an approval process is initiated, which sends a notification to an internal salesperson to approve the deal. Once approved, the purchase is completed.

It is crucial for dealers to have the ability to create more projects for their customers and access all their open projects. This way, they can purchase new licenses or extend the software assurance of existing ones under the relevant project. This significantly reduces the workload for the sales department.

One of the main strengths of the Community Cloud is that it looks and feels like a website, as it is branded with the customer's images and colors. When users access the Community, they are actually in Salesforce, allowing external partners and customers to access their own data such as their purchase history, open projects, etc.

It was also important to differentiate access to products and prices, as different dealers have different prices. Additionally, sharing these records across the indirect sales channel was crucial to give MyQ Partners control over their resellers.

Key takeaways

Effective management of software licenses is crucial for MyQ to deliver their solutions to customers smoothly. Thanks to our integration with Salesforce, this process has been significantly simplified, eliminating repetitive manual tasks for our internal logistics and sales staff.


Now, our certified partners who sell MyQ software can create their own projects, order licenses, and view them in an e-shop-like environment with MyQ branding. This reduces the workload for MyQ employees, who only need to approve completed orders. The upgraded ordering process also supports selling MyQ products in the form of subscription licenses.

And what comes next? We'll be implementing automatic generation and processing of invoices for MyQ within Salesforce, along with a voucher system. This means that when a dealer creates and approves an order, Salesforce will automatically generate the corresponding invoice.


This functionality is a significant advantage for the SaaS model, which can be more procedurally and administratively demanding from an invoicing perspective. It's worth noting that this is not a standard feature of Salesforce and we are currently developing it. However, it's also worth mentioning that Salesforce is highly customizable and can easily meet the unique demands of our customers.

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