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What is Salesforce Field Service CRM?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) with the new name Salesforce Field Service  is an extension of the Service Cloud that offers an all-encompassing and detailed workforce management view. This tool allows companies to monitor and track the location and progress of their employees in the field. The original software was created by Clicksoftware. Eventually, Salesforce acquired the whole company together with the Field service management tool from them in 2019.


In today’s tech world, field service management is a crucial workforce component, especially when you have little control. Companies need a tool to help them manage and curate their teams of technicians and service agents. At the same time, these tools will guide the technicians through complicated tasks to reduce risk and increase the efficiency of operations in the field. So, Field Service software is a recommended addition to the on-field team.


Besides, the human factor among field force is a very tough nut to crack. Not only is human behavior difficult to predict, but unforeseen circumstances can hinder the performance of technicians. Therefore, field service management software can mitigate the human factor by eliminating bottlenecks in the work process.


With the help of the Field Service Lightning app, your company can manage the workforce and provide them with directions to the field, all from a remote location. At the same time, the dispatcher can monitor the task progress in real-time. This tool also showcases detailed information of the client’s assets and gives the dispatchers and service technicians information regarding the operation from all locations and devices.



Please follow the link to watch the demo how Field Service services work:

Field Service main advantages:

Any company that values the productivity of the field teams needs a CRM to monitor their progress at all times. So, let’s look at the benefits of using the Field Service Lightning app.

Productivity increase


Field Service CRM increases the efficiency of field operations by tracking the progress of the task at hand. The platform also receives constant updates from field technicians and mobile service agents. As a result, this continuous monitoring helps spot problems and risk factors faster before they affect the entire process.

Better project management


The Salesforce Field Service platform ensures that projects go ahead smoothly without any hitch. Since you can monitor project completion, it is easier to track possible bottlenecks  and figure out a way to iron out these rumples. And as a result, the company’s operation flows faster and smoother.

Improved field force management

Any company, business, or startup that values its field workforce needs to implement the Field Service as part of the business. The tool helps to monitor employees productivity while they are out in the field. You can easily spot when a service agent needs assistance  and reach out to them immediately to provide solutions.

Monitor the workload


The workload is also an essential part of service teams and project management. Without a centralized monitoring system, you will struggle to keep track of the employees and assets involved in a task. But with the Field Service management software, you can immediately find out the field agents that have an ‘overload’ and devise means to relieve them of stress.

Obtain a quick overview of the project


The Field Service app offers real-time updates and views at ‘lightning’ speed. This tool allows you to take proactive actions or add equipment for service agents when needed. 

Clear KPIs of the field force


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential to every part of the business, especially within the field force. With a centralized tool monitoring these key performance indicators, you can make important decisions about the most valuable assets in the field. 

With the Salesforce Field Service mobile app, mobile employees and contractors can access knowledge articles, view and update van stock or inventory, and generate service reports from any mobile device online or offline. Besides, the application is compatible with all devices that run on Android and iOS. 

Without the right implementation team in place, switching to the Salesforce Field Service management services framework will take a lot of time. But you can save both time and money with the services of Salesforce field service consultanting providers.

Our team of licensed Salesforce experts will guide you through the Field Service implementation services process and provide constant support and maintenance afterward.

Don’t stay stuck in the era of spreadsheets and Outlook calendars. Come into the future with updated service calendars and modern CRM tools. Use the built-in Field Service CRM Gantt Chart to gain instant access to your data at a glance.

Improve your field service with us.

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