Address: Nám. 14. října 1307/2 CZ-150 00 Prague Czech Republic

Phone: +420 606638183

Official Salesforce CRM Partner in the Czech Republic

About fansfactory

Fansfactory is a certified partner of Salesforce located in Prague. We focus on providing various Salesforce CRM support on a turnkey basis, including full-scale integration, maintenance, and continued support afterward.

Through years of partnership with different esteemed clients, we have developed profound expertise in in-house development. 

At the same time, this experience allows us to provide high-level customization and productiveness focused on industry knowledge and expertise.

At fansfactory, we value customer satisfaction, which is why we focus on the human factor when working on any project. One of our latest implementations called Salesforce Field Service, is designed on solving the bottlenecks associated with mobile workforce organizations. 

Why Us:


Full Transparency

We meet our clients with open hands. All our services are above board, without any secret practices.

During the entire course of our cooperation, you will gain complete access to our project management system at all times.

Moreover, you will also be involved in contributing ideas and monitor the execution and implementation of processes.


Integrity & Quality

We are the best at what we do, and we do not take any half-measures in delivering quality. Our staff members all subscribe to the philosophy of providing top-quality services and performances at all times.

As the trusted Salesforce partner, we rely on our stellar reputation to stay at the top. We can guarantee unmatched, high-level services at every stage of the cooperation. So, you can rest assured that your Salesforce solution or integration progress is in safe hands. 



Diversity & Respect


At fansfactory, we understand the significance of a culture of respect and tolerance, which is why we give everyone a fair chance.


Our community is inclusive and multicultural, featuring experts from various countries and ethnicities.


We also run a meritocracy system that focuses on stellar performance indicators rather than sex, gender, race, and religion. 





Our people are the best in the industry. We hire promising talents who are fond of Salesforce products and interested in gaining professionals' certifications. In addition, we promote a healthy working environment that fosters productive cooperation between our colleagues.


Our people also work on exciting projects that will help them to develop professionally. Besides, we provide regular training programs for our staff to ensure that they produce top-level performances always.



Long-term Partnership


We believe in the future and we like to take all our clients aboard on this adventure of digital transformation. When you come aboard with us, we expect the cooperation to transform into a fruitful and long-lasting relationship.


We will help you monitor modern trends and implement them in your system. Besides, our partnership extends beyond implementation and integration. Our experts will stay in touch for feedback and modernization when necessary. 


We Know You

For us, it is not about the software alone. We care about your company’s goals and the human factor attached to both ends of the production chain.

As a result, our relationship with you is always paramount.

Our team provides customer relationship management CRM solutions that solve your primary problems with the utmost efficiency.

Why Salesforce

Salesforce is an integrated CRM software that provides you with modern tools to stay connected to your customers, prospects and partners. These CRM tools allow you to track marketing strategies, sales, services, and other key metrics.

With the use of Salesforce platform, you can monitor every aspect of the company’s sales, service or marketing in one customizable view. 

At the moment, Salesforce is the most widely used customer relationship management system in the world.

fansfactory has the expertise in providing its full-scale implementation and system integration.  Our experts can also help you customize the system settings to suit your preferences. Also, we provide consulting and analysis and train users to get the best out of the services.

Benefits of Salesforce 

Our company focuses on using Salesforce’s service software because of the following reasons: 

  • Salesforce platform focuses primarily on the success of its customers.
  • Salesforce cloud-based services are a massive force for change in this era of digital transformation.
  • Salesforce allows fast-paced application development in many industries.
  • Salesforce has an open-to-all ecosystem with thousands of applications for customers.
  • Salesforce customer relationship management provides 360 degrees customer view.
  • Salesforce CRM tools allow interdepartmental collaboration since they are cloud-based.
  • Salesforce tools are flexible and easy to manage and implement.

Work Principles

fansfactory is a company that values transparency in every aspect of our business. We provide customers with access to all projects at every stage. This helps you to picture and monitor the process thoroughly and suggest changes or make them at your discretion. 

But our cooperation with you doesn’t stop here. Our experts will stay in touch throughout the entire cycle of our interaction. We will also provide practical support and troubleshooting if you encounter any issues in the future. In essence, you have equal control to affect and monitor every process.