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Field Service Implementation for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is, in most cases, on the cutting edge of the progress. The latest technologies are used to cure exotic malfunctions of the human body. The brightest minds of the world work on new drugs to eliminate dangerous diseases. And then, when it comes to the interaction with the end-user, the progress ends. 

The ambulance crews have to file multiple paper forms and sign them to account for every visit. Uber and other companies have made the radio dispatch services obsolete long ago, but the healthcare field service still uses them. For some reason, the healthcare industry’s essential aspect was overlooked by progress, but now there’s a solution to that, and it’s called Salesforce Field Service. And when it comes to such a complex tool as Field Service, you need a reliable company to implement it. 

Fansfactory is a certified Salesforce consulting company in the Czech Republic, and if you’re struggling to optimize your healthcare field service teams’ performance - we will help you. Salesforce Field Service integration for Healthcare is one of Fansfactory’s focus products, and we’re proud with the range of solutions we have for it. It’s time for you to find out what we can do for your business!

Salesforce Field Service experts provide turnkey solutions

Field Service by Salesforce is an industry-standard solution, and as with every standard, it improves every day. The new features are added and tested, premium clients request new customization possibilities, and the development team figures out how to implement them. As a result, while the user interface is intuitive and easy to operate, the processes that stand behind it are pretty complex and ever-evolving. That’s why, if you need to utilize Field Service’s benefits fully, it’s better to deal with professionals.

We, at Fansfactory, provide tailor-made solutions for every business, using our expertise to meet your business goals. We will seamlessly integrate Field Service into your business processes, provide continued support and maintenance to ensure that everything is working as intended. We implement field service solutions for the companies from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium.

Every business is unique, and we will consider every detail and peculiarity of your company to make Field Service perform at 100%. The number of mobile personnel and dispatchers you employ, the number of vehicles they use, the fuel consumption and response time goals, particular aspects of your depots’ locations, and traffic on the nearby streets. All this information gets collected and used to provide you with the best Field Service solution for Healthcare that you can get.

How does Field Service work for the healthcare industry?

Salesforce Field Service’s main advantage is the performance boost it gives your teams by gathering all the crucial information on your business in one system. All customers, all visits, each case of complex medical equipment usage, a profile for each of your field service specialists with their experience and skillset - all this information is a few clicks away from you. And when it’s that accessible - you can use it while managing schedules, planning check-ups and house calls, reviewing your employees’ performance, and many more.

5 Advantages of Field Service Management Software for Healthcare Companies

Salesforce Field Service not only increases the efficiency of your workers but also cuts your expenses, provides an easy system to monitor the wear and tear of your equipment, and improves customers’ satisfaction. All this is possible due to these advantages:


  1. Completely paperless process. Apart from the obvious saving on paper and office supplies, it speeds up all the work, because people don’t need to wait in lines near the printer. They don’t have to look for their pens, and they won’t have to write the form anew if they make a mistake while filling it. All the data is kept in cloud storage, easily accessed by your employees within seconds, neatly organized, and ready for use.
  2. Equipment check-ups. Any complex medical equipment like MRI, surgical robots, or dialysis machines needs proper maintenance. Unlike the simpler tools that can easily be replaced or fixed after they break - you cannot just buy another MRI machine or tell patients to wait for a week or two until it’s fixed. That’s why Field Service monitors every use of your medical devices since the last maintenance and reminds you about the next one when you’re scheduling the visits.  
  3. Improved scheduling. Field service knows everything that’s going on in the company and allows you to make informed decisions. You will see when your equipment is up for maintenance or when one of your specialists is on vacation or is taking sick leave. You will have the approximate visit duration and travel for each team, based on the day of the week and time of day.
  4. All-in-one cloud-based solution. With Field Service, you don’t need any other apps to work with. Your dispatching, scheduling, work orders, training files, equipment maintenance data, performance evaluation files - it’s all under one roof. Administrators manage access to all the data, and once you’ve set it up for each team or particular user - they’ll have everything they need to work efficiently.
  5. User-friendly application for smartphones. Your field service workers will have all the information on each case right on their phones. They will see the customer’s profile, what check-ups they’ve had recently and what their results were, what medication is available for each case, and what are the possible scenarios. This will help your specialists make decisions in critical situations and improve customer satisfaction because your employees will always come prepared.

Why Fansfactory?

Fansfactory provides Field Service consulting for Healthcare all over the Czech Republic and abroad, and we want our client base to expand itself. For us to achieve this goal, our customers need to be more than satisfied. We need them fired up to suggest our services to their partners! That’s why we provide the entire cycle of Field Service integration, with maintenance and support, tailored for the needs of your business.


A decent field service management company needs to become a part of your business while doing its job. It learns your goals and plans and makes sure that the solution fits them. And Fansfactory has the knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry to bring Salesforce Field Service customization to another level.