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We know how to turn your visitors into loyal fans!

Grow Fan Base


We help your fan base grow.

Performing targeted marketing campaings you will know your customer better by creating better offer.

Enhance the Speed of Ticket Sales.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence to divide fan ticket journeys, expediting sales through personalized messaging and web experiences.

Establish Strong and Lasting Fan Connections. Maintain fan engagement beyond games by providing customized content and exclusive offers.

Boost the sales of season tickets, tickets and merchandise 


Turn fans into season ticket holders.

Via personalised season ticket offers to most engaged fans segmented with the help of CRM. 

Equip Sales with Valuable Information.

Transfer high-value leads to the sales team while offering real-time insights into engagement, interests, and intentions.

Build loyalty.

Utilize a comprehensive understanding of season ticket holders to deliver customized content, offers, and experiences that build loyalty.

Streamline Ticket Package Renewals and Upgrades .

Automate personalized renewal journeys to optimize retention and encourage upgrades to ticket packages.

Develop partnership via offering valuable fan base


Divide Fans into Specific Audiences.

Utilize artificial intelligence to create targeted fan segments that align with partners' desired customer profiles.

Engage Active Fans with Customized Offers.

Deliver personalized partner offers to specific fan segments, ensuring maximum relevance and return on investment for partners.

Showcase the Value of the Fan Base to Potential Partners.

Utilize first-party data assets to attract new partners interested in specific segments, and demonstrate the impact by showcasing clear campaign ROI.

Our expertise:


  • Consulting services: analyzing actual status in digital marketing, preparing vision and strategy, suggesting next steps based on the budget and capacity

  • Digital marketing tools and CRM solution implementation

  • Integration of CRM with 3rd party services (ticketing, eshop etc.)

  • Processing of actual data and their import into CRM

  • Preparing roadmap of services within the agreed time scope

  • Personalized campaign execution (early birds, newsletters, membership invitation etc.), data analysis, fans scoring, communication campaigns automation

Benefits of Salesforce CRM deployment 


  • Fan satisfaction increase.
  • Steady increase in season ticket sales, ticket sales, and merchandise
  • Enhancement of collaboration for sponsors and thus contract value
  • Reducing the dependence of the club's income on sports results

What People Say About Us

Marek Časta 

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

As the digitization and automation progressively grows in all industries, so in AC Sparta Prague we place emphasis on decision-making based on data and its analysis. Without data, we moved only in the field of assumptions. The integration of Salesforce CRM changed this approach significantly. Now we're armed with the right tool that helps to meet the needs of our customers.

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