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B2B Marketing Automation

What do we mean by the term B2B marketing automation and who is it intended for? If your company's clients are businesses and not end consumers, if your goal is to get the most out of the interaction with your existing or potential client or to gradually increase their awareness of your services and products, and to do all this with fewer employees than before, then you are on right place.


B2B marketing automation from Salesforce, also known as Pardot, allows you to fundamentally reduce marketing costs thanks to the "set it and forget it" principle. The workflow you set up, which will automatically communicate with the client based on his interaction with your website, email or other channel, makes Pardot a unique solution with an edge over the competition.


Why is such a workflow actually needed? Business-to-business business differs from end-consumer purchases in many ways. First of all, it is not a random or impulse purchase or a purchase according to the current mood. On the contrary, it is a longer process where your potential client needs to gradually obtain as much information as possible about you, the product, and its benefits. And he will greatly appreciate it if you make this process easier for him. It is called "lead nurturing". And a properly set up workflow will do this work for you, step by step.


Products in the B2B sector are usually significantly more expensive than in the B2C segment, usually more people decide on their purchase and the purchase is subject to company processes. Therefore, your potential client needs to be 100% sure that he will spend his funds effectively and that purchasing your product will bring him the desired effect. And that's why he needs information, the more the better.


A client's purchase of your product often marks the beginning of a long-term partnership. This may mean the gradual acquisition of additional products or services of yours or the provision of products-related services. Everything described above also applies here, your customer is constantly contacted by your competition and you need to assure him that you are able to provide for his future needs, even those that he had no idea about yet.


Click the link to see a demo of the Pardot solution in action.

What are the characteristics of Pardot?

Pardot is a great tool for both small and large marketing teams. Thanks to it, you will significantly increase the number of potential orders that will then be processed by your salespeople. Or you can let them focus on the hottest ones, because Pardot will tell you which ones they are. All this with fewer workers.

Segmented communication


Segmented communication is a condition for any successful marketing. The client does not want to receive general information, he needs to know exactly how your product or service will help him. Therefore, it is necessary to segment and address clients individually. In Pardot, you can set up client segmentation automatically and precisely target communications accordingly.

Know the client's preferences

When you know which page of your website the client visited and where he stayed the most, how he reacted to your email campaign, you can then better understand his needs and properly set up further communication with him. Plus, Pardot does it for you.

Improve the appearance of emails


People buy with their eyes. If the emails you send to clients are valuable not only in terms of content, but also interesting and attractive in appearance, you will definitely increase their readership and the likelihood that the client will "take action". Pardot allows you to do this easily and simply without any IT knowledge.

Know what's happening with your messages


Thanks to Pardot, you get feedback not only about whether the client opened your email, whether they clicked on the link in it, but also whether they continued from the link and to which pages of your website. This is important for understanding his needs, segmentation and refinement of the offer. Or getting information if he is ready to buy now.

Go on a journey with the client


Set up the entire workflow, the process, what information and when, based on how the client reacted to your communication, to pass on to him. This will ensure the correct segmentation (it can change dynamically or be continuously refined automatically), and you will provide him with the information he needs at the right time to make the right decision. The whole process will run automatically thanks to its setting for many days or weeks in advance. No more manual and repetitive work that can also cause human errors.

Quick return on investment


DThanks to Pardot, you can automatically evaluate the reaction of each client to your communication. This scoring system will give your clients information on which potential customers are the "hottest" and which to focus on right away. And because speed counts here, you'll be faster than your competition.

Quick return on investment


The price/performance ratio is great with Pardot. Both licenses and implementations are not expensive at all, and at the same time they will bring a very quick effect in the form of a larger number of potential clients or direct orders. The actual implementation compared to other solutions is very fast, you will start using Pardot shortly after purchasing it.

Pardot is part of the Salesforce family of solutions. Therefore, its integration with Salesforce, if you already use it, is a matter of course. You handle the actual implementation of campaigns and workflow settings in Pardot, and your salespeople then get the necessary information when working with leads or contacts in Salesforce to determine which client to attend to first.

Do you like Pardot and would like to increase the performance of your marketing? Then don't hesitate and contact us as soon as possible, it will be our pleasure to attend to you. The sooner you get started with Pardot, the faster you'll grow your sales.

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