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Field Service Implementation for Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing business becomes more and more reliant on qualified workforce and high technologies. As a result, the old-fashioned factories are dying out, giving way to companies employing hi-end programmable machinery. Such machinery provides greater profits, but at the same time - it takes knowledge to run and maintain and fortune to fix if it breaks. That’s why most modern manufacturing businesses are focused on keeping the downtime of their equipment to a minimum through thorough planning, preventive maintenance, and embedded analytics. 

And all these goals are achievable with the help of modern Field Service Solutions for Manufacturing. Salesforce Field Service is known for its versatility and ability to cover the needs of any manufacturing business because of a multitude of additional features and options. And the abundance of these features leads to another challenge - you need someone who knows them all to customize this application for you. That’s what Field Service management companies are for.

Fansfactory - a team of certified Field Service experts

When faced with a challenge - you need a proper tool to deal with it. And if you’re aimed for modernization of your business - you need an official partner of the most popular Field Service solutions provider - Salesforce. 


Fansfactory is a team of dedicated professionals with massive expertise in the manufacturing industry and striving for perfection. Through the years of the company’s existence, we’ve gathered a diverse team of innovators who can revolutionize your views on field service management and provide you with valuable insights on its optimization. Salesforce Field Service opens countless possibilities for your business, and here we will describe some of them to you.

What challenges does Field Service eliminate?

Since the first factory started delivering its products, the manufacturing industry has faced the same challenges that it’s facing today. Here are some of them:


  • Miscommunication between the workforce and management;
  • Need of frequent inspections to determine when particular machines and the whole production lines are due to maintenance or repair;
  • Problems with forecasting the demand for products;
  • Difficult scheduling that fully relies on few people who are qualified to do a specific job;
  • No complete picture, especially when the team on site has no means of gathering information;
  • Lack of qualified supervision on-site to ensure that the tasks are performed in the best way.


Luckily for us, we now have elaborate Field Service Solutions for the Manufacturing industry, which help you deal with all these challenges and many others, all in one application. Salesforce Field Service is a tool that’s perfect for streamlining your business processes and mitigating the increased complexity of regulations your workers should adhere to.

10 Benefits of Salesforce Field Service for manufacturing

The goal of any enterprise is to increase profits. Sometimes it goes with increasing efficiency, sometimes with cutting expenditures, and both are achievable with an all-encompassing infrastructure of Salesforce Field Service. This tool unites your mobile workforce, scheduling department, maintenance teams, IT, sales, and management into a single well-oiled machine and gives you its blueprint.


It might sound like a bold assumption, so we’ll describe to you some of the goals you can achieve with a tailor-made Field Service software package:


  1. Decrease the time spent on administrative work through paperless operation;
  2. Decrease operational and training costs thanks to a user-friendly interface and the fact that there is one interface to explore, not one for each of the apps that are used for different purposes;
  3. Increase the safety of your workers and compliance with safety regulations in the workplace thanks to embedded safety tips and regulations for each particular job or project.
  4. Optimize the allocation of both monetary resources and human capital through precise scheduling and advanced planning.
  5. Gather the data from across the operation that would’ve been lost otherwise. You don’t have this data with your current system because it’s hard to collect and classify. Yet if it only takes a minute to file a report and attach the photo, audio, or video materials to it for the perfect picture - people will do it.
  6. Utilize the Salesforce Einstein AI to analyze the collected data and predict market movements, scheduling changes, supply procurement, and equipment maintenance.
  7. Improve the First Time Fix Rate across the operation with a comprehensive guidance system for all your employees. You can have all the necessary data right in the application at your every worker’s fingertips to help them cope with new tasks faster and more efficiently.
  8. Reduce the downtime of your machinery to a bare minimum with predictive maintenance and automated resupply scheduling.
  9. Simplify the performance review process for every position, with complete data on your employees’ daily, weekly, and monthly activities. No need to take anyone’s word for it anymore - you can see the numbers and decide.
  10. Integrate your contractors and customers into the system so that every party can get the needed information on the project’s status quickly and without delay. You won't have to reach out to anyone to get a simple confirmation anymore. The system is as transparent as you want it to be, showing the corresponding parties precisely what they're allowed to see and nothing more.


The benefits of Field Service are not limited to the list above, and you can be sure that you’ll see even more of them if you decide to integrate this tool into your business.

Fansfactory’s Field Service Integration for Manufacturing

With such a complex and constantly evolving tool as Salesforce Field Service, you need an up-to-date knowledge of the industry and its latest trends to implement it efficiently. And that’s what Fansfactory is known for. We know Field Service through and through, and keep an eye on every update and new feature to be able to implement them for our clients as soon as they’re live.

During the company’s operation years, we’ve come up with a five-step system to ensure that our clients always get what they need and even more. It allows us to integrate Salesforce suites quickly and efficiently and count in every little detail.

  1. Analyzing and planning is always the first stage because we have to be on the same page with management. What are the company’s short- and long-term goals, expectations, and how to meet them - it’s all laid out on the initial stages of the integration. 
  2. When the main goals are defined, we need to gather information from other employees. Field Service is made to improve performance on all stages, and we have to know all disadvantages of your current system to eliminate them in your customized Salesforce suite.
  3. The integration process begins right after we’ve gathered all the valuable opinions. At the same time, we collect the data from your previous system to populate your brand new Field Service application with it. 
  4. When the basic structure is set, we schedule training sessions with employees and management to ensure that everyone has enough knowledge to use Field Service to the fullest.
  5. After the integration is finished, we will be there for you to respond to any challenges, perform maintenance, and notify you of new developments that are worth adding to your infrastructure as soon as they come up.

As you see, Fansfactory offers a full-cycle solution for Field Service integration and continued support afterward. We become part of your team until the work is done, and it stays that way for as long as you need us. Moreover we provide field service solutions implementation not only in Czech Republich but also for the enterprises from Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Belgium.