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What is the biggest challenge about customer service nowadays? The expectations of the customers are often not in line with the goals and requirements of the company. Why? 

The companies tend to lower the service costs by doing predefined repetitive tasks which don’t meet customers’ requirements any longer. The truth is when you provide personalized service its cost is increasing and your margin and profitability are getting down....

What is a Field Service Management system? In simple words, it’s the tool that helps to manage the work of the field force in real-time. It solves the complete path of the customer's request, starting from the order to the last mile, i.e. the work of a technician at the customer’s place. It has a number of proven benefits that we would like to comment on in this post in detail..

We often hear from our prospects: “We have 2 service appointments per day only, we have nothing to optimize”. And they’re absolutely right, at this point no optimization’s needed. The thing is that Field Service isn’t about optimization only. In fact it takes about 10% of the whole Field Service management tool. So what are the major pain points Field Service is aimed to solve? Let us bring the light on this subject.